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Swimwear Care

After every swim session, wash your swimsuit by hand with a mild soap and tap water.   Water alone will not remove the chlorine or salt water.  We  recommend turning your swimsuit inside out when you wash it to avoid damaging the delicate outer layer.

If it is not possible to wash your swimsuit immediately, always rinse your bathing suit thoroughly with cool water after swimming. Pool water residue (i.e. chlorine), salt water, sand, suntan lotion and other contaminants will cause the fabric to become brittle or faded, and will significantly shorten the useful life of your suit.

Never use a washing machine to clean your swimming costume, it is too abrasive for swimwear material and will cause the fabric to pile and bobble. The washing detergents will also cause long-term damage to the swim suits fabric.

Allow your swimming costume to dry naturally when drying outside, do not hang in direct sunlight. Try to make sure that your swimsuit is laid out flat to dry to avoid folds and wrinkles. Once completely dry, fold it and put it away.

You should not dry your swimsuit in a dryer or in sun because they are both hard on the lycra and spandex in your swimming costume. The sun will cause your costume to fade quicker than expected . Both will cause the breakdown of elasticity in your costume.

Be careful where you sit.  Edges of pools are often rough and abrasive so that you do not slip when walking on them. Although it may not feel rough to you it will to your swimming costume. It can cause your suit to run and pick at the bottom or on the front of it if you are leaning over the edge of the pool. Take extra care and simply lay a towel down to sit on instead and avoid leaning around the edges.

Do not wrap your swimsuit in your towel. The towel has soaked up all of the chemicals and will continue to expose the swimsuit materials to their harsh effects.

Hot tubs are extremely hard on your swimming costume, the bromine and extreme temperatures will fade and stretch your suit faster than anything else. Wear an old costume that you are tired of if you know you are going to be using a hot tub and wash it asap after.