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Bra Fitting 

As we are an online store, trying a bra on before purchase is not possible, so here are some tips for you to consider: 

1. Measure your cup size. You do this by measuring the fullest part of your breast, usually over your nipples all around across your upper back.

2. Measure your under-breast size. This is also called band size or body size. You do this by measuring underneath your breast all around across your back. You need to ensure that the measuring tape is quite firm.

3. If you had a double mastectomy with no reconstruction, measure your under-breast size as described in point 1. Your under-breast size is positioned approximately half-way between your elbow and shoulder. Please measure this position and choose the cup size that co-relates to your prosthesis.

4. If you had a single mastectomy with no reconstruction, measure your breast for the cup size. Your prosthesis would have been fitted to match your breast.

5. If you had a lumpectomy, measure your larger breast.

6. Use the measurements and check the chart. For example, if you measured your under-breast as 75cm, your size will be 12. If you measure your cup size as 90cm, your cup size is B. From these two measurements you should fit into 12B.

• Always use the middle hook to try on the bra. This will allow you to adjust the fit (loosen or tighten) as required. If the band is uncomfortably tight and the hook and eye is straining, then the back size is too small and you will need to try the next under-breast (band) size.

• To ensure your breast and/or breast prosthesis is completely encased in the cup, place your hand into the cup to position your breast and/or breast prosthesis in place.

• If your cups dimple, wrinkle, or if there is space at the top or sides, the cup is too big and you need to try a smaller cup size.

• If you are falling out of a full coverage bra you need to move up a cup size. Any amount of swelling or spilling means the cup is too small.

• A bra should always be supported by the band. If your bra is riding up it means the band may be too loose. Start by trying a tighter hook. If that isn’t enough you may need to try a smaller band size (which means you will need to up a cup size).

• To eliminate back fat you will need to go down a size as the bra band is too big and sits too high. The band should sit lower on the back.

• If your bra strap is digging into your shoulder you may have the straps too tight so start by loosening them. The straps should be firm but not too tight. If they remain tight after loosening them, the straps are supporting too much weight of the breast(s) and the band may not be giving enough support. You will need to try a smaller band size.

• If your straps fall down this means your bra band is riding up and you probably need to go down a band size.

• A great test is that you should have enough space to fit two fingers under the straps.